Sitting in front of the computer . . . ?

Sitting in front of the computer, today, I decided to “investigate” the name SIMBARI, on the Web . . . wow! pages and pages and pages - - - !!!

Do you know that there is even a Tribe, in the Pacific, with the name - -“Simbari” !!! Amazing!!!

But, what is really interesting about SIMBARI (Nicola), the Italian Contemporary Artist, is the amount of people who LOVE his works . . . and who collect his Art [and/or images] . . . I am ‘biased’, of course ! . . . but this   ‘fact’, simply confirms the many, many ‘compliments’ I have had from those who ‘read’ SIMBARI DIARIES (on the web.) - - -  and those who visited “L’Atelier Simbari”, in the ‘80s, when I ran a small Art Salon in mid-Manhattan (New York), mostly dedicated to Simbari works of art . . . Sculptures, paintings, sketches, and silkscreen prints (done by him, in his own printing studio, near Rome) which he called “Retablo in Silkscreen” [painting with a silkscreen method !] . . . and even ‘early works’ which I found at auction !!

Sadly, one part of my “discovery”, which concerns me, is that I have noticed several images which, I  would question as done by SIMBARI, himself, AND the Signature.  In looking closely at the signature, on some of the works displayed, I would seriously question the Provenance (of the work).  I am not an “expert”, in the “Art Business” . . . but I AM very sure of MY KNOWLEDGE OF SIMBARI’s ART (after 57+ years!) . . . and I am often contacted, by Galleries, and Auction Houses, for ‘my opinion’, which I am happy to offer ( free of charge ) . . . what happens after that, is out of ‘my control’ - - -

One example of this “worry”, is a silkscreen print called “El Parasol” . . supposedly ‘published’ in the early ‘90s . . .
The “example” I have ‘investigated’ was printed on canvas and was numbered 48/50 . . . on the bill-of-sale, in ‘08, it ‘mentions’, in the Comment, that it is “50% approved” - - - WHAT does THAT  ‘mean’ ? - -The Buyer spent ‘good money’ and deserves better treatment, by ‘this seller’ (a well known Commercial Gallery, in Florida)!

“El Parasol” looks like a very popular earlier ‘Retablo in Silkscreen’ by SIMBARI, called “SERENA”. “Serena” was a Sold Out Edition, almost as soon as it came onto the market, in 1983 and its price, today, is amazing !

Serena - Nicola Simbari
Retablo in Silkscreen by Nicola SIMBARI (1983)
– a sold out edition

They say “copying is the highest form of praise!” . . . !!!

Please be certain, that you purchase a genuine SIMBARI art work . .

There are copies “out there” . . . a compliment (of sorts) to the Artist, but NOT good news for the Buyer !

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