“Poetry in Painting” . . .

- - - WHY are they “The Children” ??        

        Where are they now ?? - - -

“They are our Life together (some 40+ years) - - -
A “DIARY” (if you like) of our exciting, active and adventurous Life together . . . which came to an abrupt end with Nicola’s first major Stroke in 1991 . . . he could paint no more, made no further Retablo prints, in his magnificent Studios, in the Alban Hills, outside Rome.

In 1991 I was forced to close ‘our/his’ Gallery in the heart of New York, L’Atelier (Tamar Arts), refusing to deal with or sell the “look-alike” Simbaris his “companion” was saying he had done . . . they lacked the Simbari-spark and (for me) were so obviously not done by him.

His last major Collection of “Children” was a small group inspired by his visit to the Southwest - - - exciting and inspirational - - - Nicola came to the “Grand Opening”, where many, many of his Collectors and admirers gathered, including the then Mayor of N.Y. and Governor Rockefeller (who had been a long-time Simbari Collector) - - -
I had 2 ‘favourites’ “The Falcon” and “Navaho Girls” - - -

"The Falcon" - Nicola Simbari - Southwest Collection "Navaho Girls" - Nicola Simbari - Southwest Collection

The Show was an amazing success. Nicola was the “showman” again, loving being in the centre of “story” !! It was thrilling to see him ‘shine’ ! When he left for Italy, filled with the excitement of the Show, he said to Jenny (our daughter) and to me “thank you for giving me back the Joy!”

But, it was not to be a “re-birth” but the end . . . a short time later, he had his first major Stroke ! Never to paint again, or spin his Magic . . . He and I were never “allowed” to meet again, or to talk (business or pleasure!) . . . he was now a ‘prisoner’ of his “companion” who elected to be his “carer”. . . she still guards him strictly, and all attempts to see him are in vain. It breaks my heart . . .
What Nicola valued and loved most was his FREEDOM   (which I, as an artist, totally understood) - - - It helped him to FEEL and SEE (and paint) the POETRY of the SEA and SKY . . . and of LIFE !

I love his “thrill of being alive” - - - whether it is horse-racing, car racing, a beautiful show girl, or nude, or his magical views of the SEA - - - I am a DREAMER . . . and use words to express the MUSIC in my Heart . . . as an Actress and a Singer, and a Poet how can I fail to hear Music when I look at a beautiful Simbari ( I recall a Jerome Kern song, as I write, “I hear Music when I look at you - - - )

For ME SIMBARI is POETRY in Painting

Where shall I go next ? . . .

Elfrida 2012

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