Amerigo TOT!

Nicola's Art Mentor

A major influence in the life of Simbari, during the 'Early Years' ...

When I first married Nicola , Tot was ever-present . . . he was a “.. larger than Life ..” presence at every party or gathering we ever had - - - when Tot was in Rome. . .  He was mysterious and charming ! . . . and the girls seemed to ‘love’ him !!  
      WHAT a life he had lived !! I was fascinated by his stories of his adventures.

After Nicola bought his ‘dream house’ in Grottaferrata, Tot, offered to him, one of his amazing sculptures - - - Nicola was thrilled ! and when it arrived it was given a “hallowed” place, outside his beloved Studio . . .

Nicola said this TOT sculpture . . . inspired him every time he went into his studio !

Later . .  he set his own metal sculpture beside Tot’s work as a ‘homage’ to his “mentor” - - -

Nicola Simbari - outside the Studio in the villa
Metal Sculpture
© Nicola Simbari
Bronze Sculpture by
Amerigo Tot
The great Hungarian Artist

Amerigo TOT Sculpture Close up detail

( in black and white )

of TOT's sculptures

Detail of Sculpture by
         Amerigo TOT
Amerigo TOT sculpture

After the pool area was built, Amerigo offered to Nicola, two fabalous new sculptures . . .  That he suggest would be "perfect" by the pool.


[ these photos were printed in articles published in

“Palm Beach Life”. Feb. 1974


“Vogue Decoration” of Conde Nast Publications (1983) ]
Nicola Simbari - pool side at the Villa.

Simbari poolside detail  - - - a close-up of one of the
large TOT sculptures placed
by our pool . . .

    with the reflection in the water!

Detail of the pool area with a
        Sculpture by TOT

I have a favourite memory of TOT, in my life - - - he gave me the most beautiful piece of jewellery, for one of my birthdays !! 

He told me that it was an antique Hungarian broach/pendant . . .and . . whenever I wear it, I am reminded of him and his generosity . . . . he was “bigger than Life” !!! 

In the 70s Nicola was having an exhibition in New York, when who should turn up !! . . . but TOT.   But this time he was an "actor" ,  and playing a part in The God Father II   ! ! ! ! ! !       So the two old friends spent many hours over glasses of wine at the Four Seasons restaurant in the GM building. - - -

Imagine my surprise . . . and joy,
When Peter Nemes contacted Simbari Diaries !!. . . 

His superb website [ ] is all about TOT . . . to my excitement, Peter Nemes sent me three pictures of the Tot sculptures, that used to be in the grounds of our Villa in Rome . . .    Not “lost” . . .
but in Hungary . . . and at the special ‘museum’ dedicated to this inspiring International Hungarian Artist of the 20th Century.

Amerigo TOT sculptures
Amerigo TOT Sculptures, photos provided by Peter Nemes

Thank you Amerigo . . . for your friendship.

© Elfrida 2011

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