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Letter 15  April 2012
The Simbari Diaries

Hello Everyone,

Mega Update - the holidays are over !!!

Where do I start,   I was reminded by a  friend recently that I'd not put out an email newsletter recently.  - So I'd better put that right  !!!

 Nicola Simbari - the Clown I have been writing, and have been focasing on my part  in Nicola's adventure.  

Which I have only just understood was one of being the "Stage Manager" for The Entertainer, that this amazing artist has been all his life.

Now, I have been "working" away,  and publishing my memories of "me" on my the Diaries facebook Page,  

Look on my blog pages on Elfrida's website.

So - there you go - I've been busy !  - Here are links to my 3 latest Blog entries.

Elfrida Simbari - Blog entry

Posted by Elfrida...
08th Sept 2012
Cyclists - - - then and now !
Olympic Inspiration . . .

Now that the Olympics are ‘over’ . . . and we have been wow'ed with the amazing Paralympics.

- - - I am reminded of Italy and the Olympics . . . A SIMBARI painting (of back then) . . .

Elfrida Simbari - Blog entry
Posted by Elfrida...
28th June 2012
LeRoy Neiman
Thanks for your Inspiration . . .

Once again an artist friend from “our story” has ‘gone’

Elfrida Simbari - Blog entry
Posted by Elfrida...
22th May 2012
Crazy Horse - - - Crazy Going Ons
Or "Tops stay on!" . .

Crazy goings on at the “Crazy Horse” – Paris’ leading “night life” club on Avenue George V.

I've also written a few main pages, to add to my story !

Elfrida Simbari - Modelling for GRUAU !! Modelling for GRUAU !!
- - - The Model begins to speak !

I had been in Rome for about a year . . .

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      Regards Elfrida . . .

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