March 2012 - Newsletter

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Letter 12  March 2012
The Simbari Diaries

Newsletter . . . March 2012

      Spring has sprung !

The world looks so beautiful today, the pink blossoms on the trees brighten the world around !! I am reminded of a Simbari painting - - -

One of “my Children”, the magnificent painting “Into the Straight” has gone to its new ‘home’ . . . as a proud “parent”, I am ‘over the moon’ !!

Into the Straight - ©Nicola Simbari
“Into the Straight” Nicola Simbari

Horse-racing, one of Nicola’s “loves” (and car-racing!) – - when we first met, he would take me to the Trotting Races, near Rome . . . and there are many early works showing his love of this sport (and bicycle racing !)

I wonder what you will think of MY pages ? “Elfrida Simbari: The woman behind the man” This has been prompted by an article written in Palm Beach Daily News, the 60s.

Palm Beach Daily News - Behind every really great Man

Over the years, with Nicola, I never gave being his wife “a thought” . . .
I love Nicola and his Genius, equally, and it was easy to be his ‘back-drop’!
I became the ‘director’ of ‘his Show’ !! His Genius made him very ‘self-centered’ and focused on HIS Art , which is only natural - - -
yet, as a man, he was extremely generous to his Family (his Grandmother, Mother and Father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters - and, later, Jenny and I !).
I never ‘thought’ I needed to “prove” I was his wife - - - until recently . . . which, is WHY the Frascati Show was cancelled, at the last minute ! So, now I “need” to clear up this ‘misconception’

When he was NOT “creating”, Nicola’s way to “Relax” was to have his many, many Friends enjoy a “feast” and loud chatter, and music, either at a favourite Trattoria, or at the Villa, around the pool, tasting his wine !!

But, I had a “life” before I married him, and a rising career as an actress/singer, which I chose to let ‘slide’ when his career “took off” in the early ‘60s. . . . but, then, our life WAS Theatre !! Never a dull moment!!

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