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Aug 2011
The Simbari Diaries

I look forward to seeing 'everyone' at the magnificant Stables of Villa Aldobrandini ( Frascati, near Rome) for Nicola's first exhibition in many years.

Called 'Arte e Vino' becuase of Nicola's passion for Both !!!

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'Arte e Vino' - Simbari Exhibition in Frascati . . .

First Nicola Simbari exhibition in over 25 years !!!.

ART and WINE    – a match made in Italy
     - - - by a Master !

At the Show you will see :
  • Many Simbari works will be on display.
  • “Arte e Vino” launches new wines from the vineyards of Cantina Cerquetta.
  • Wine tasting !
  • The label will incorporate Simbari’s iconic work “Lovamoor”
The show will run from 27th September until 2nd October,   from 10am until 6pm  - Admission is free

For full details and much much more information, your invitation, maps etc...   visit the Mini Site at

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I'm really excited  to have got the Diaries and the Frascati Exhibition onto Facebook.
Many of you use Facebook, and are used to getting updates and following  the latest news via this way,  and I feel that it would be a great way to let you know of updates to both the Diaries, and to the Exhibition. 

I won't swamp you with updates, but it'll keep you in touch with what I'm doing ( - and it would be a great way of showing us your support ) . . .

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      Regards Elfrida . . .

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