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Letter 05
Dec 2010

The Simbari Diaries

Happy Holidays !!

Simbari - Carnevale
Carnevale acrylic on canvas ęSimbari
[ Simbari's "Carnevale" appears on the site in the "The Story ! -> The Meeting" section ]

It’s Celebration Time !!!

I love this painting by Nicola, inspired by Carnival Time in Italy - - -
(which is when we met!) - - - she is enigmatic - - - she is beautiful - - - she is full of Joy !

Because he so often painted “his girls” with their backs to us, many people believe that Nicola is not able to paint faces (portraits), - - - but this is an example of what a wonderful portrait painter he might have been, if he had so wanted!   His idea was to leave the ‘face’ to the onlooker, so they saw whoever they “imagined” her to be !! 

Just to let you know what I’m up to at the moment:

I am working on putting together selections of Simbari images, so that they can be downloaded onto your desktop and used as desktop wallpaper – they will be soon available in a “download” section on the website.

Have you any suggestions for images or themes ? - - - let me know

SO,  I am looking forward to this New Year and my plans for a Major Showing of SIMBARI’s beautiful and inspiring works, with support from some of his noted Collectors - - - more later!

Have a very Happy Festive Time . . .

and may


be full of Successes

      Regards Elfrida . . .

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