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Letter 04
Oct/Nov 2010

The Simbari Diaries

Dear Friends

I have been focusing on Nicola’s “unique” Collections . . . or, maybe I should call them “series” ? Anyway, it all began with PARIS . . . and a cold December day . . . the Russian Circus was in town . . . since he was a boy

“The Circus Family” - Nicola Simbari

Nicola LOVED the CIRCUS!

“The Circus Family”
acrylic on canvas
©Nicola Simbari

So off we (with Jenny) went to the CIRCUS . . . what a spectacle! The following autumn The CIRCUS was shown in Paris and New York . . .
Mme Agnes Haerlin, the owner of the renowned Luxury Hotel in Hamburg,
Vier Jahreszeiten
(4 Seasons), acquired several of those paintings. . .
the result?   The beautiful and

intimate SIMBARI BAR Simbari Bar - Vierjahreszeiten

Also at the Circus Show was M. Alain Bernadin, owner of The Crazy Horse the spectacular nightclub/cabaret, in Paris - - - he asked Nicola to celebrate with painting “his girls” for a ‘Show’ to celebrate his 25 years in business . . . no need to ask Nicola twice! The CRAZY HORSE exhibition opened in Paris a year later, with much acclaim and publicity!

"Moony Trafalgar" - Nicola Simbari Moony Trafalgar
acrylic on canvas
©Nicola Simbari

After the opening of the Show “Crazy Horse”, Mr. Mansour Ojjeh suggested to Nicola that he make a small group of paintings of the  FORMULA ONE  racing cars . . . first beautiful girls, and now fast cars - - - WOW! - - - the following year, a Show was held of this very limited series, in Monte Carlo,
at the Hotel de Paris.

Ausi - Nicola Simbari Formula 1 - Nicola Simbari
Audi Rallye
acrylic on canvas

©Nicola Simbari
“Last Lap” Formula 1
acrylic on canvas

Herr Wolfgang Habbell, then Chairman of AUDI, was there, and asked
Nicola to paint a small series of works of  The RALLYE  Cars . . .

The rest is “history” - - - in paintings !!!

Enjoy the “Circus” of Nicola’s life as much as I have!!!



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