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June 2011

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The Many “Faces” of SIMBARI

“The Believer”

       I have just received this in an e-mail - - -

how electrifying and important  it IS !           

I had forgotten the Simbari who, came from Southern Italy, with the teachings of Centuries, believed completely, when he said 

          “when I paint,  God is in my Studio, with me.”

After an Exhibition at Nicola's New York Gallery, the then Vicar of a New Jersey Church “challenged” Nicola's Belief.   In recognition of the great Gift given to him, Nicola responded with this magnificent and dramatic painting of The Crucifixion Scene - - -  “IL CALVARIO”

. . . giving it to the Church - - - .

Nicola, Jenny and I were celebrating Easter in New York City, in 1977.

”Il Calvario” - Nicola Simbari
“Il Calvario” acrylic on canvas 1977 Nicola Simbari

When I saw this ‘masterpiece’ again . . . it took my breath away! I had forgotten the DRAMA . . . the ominous sky . . . the incredible light on the central figure . . . the small group of disciples and Mary, the Mother of Jesus . . . the threat of the mounted soldiers . . .

Early in his career, Nicola often painted religious processions and events . . . scenes from his beloved Southern Italy . . .

An extremely generous man, Nicola would help, not only his immediate family, but his friends, who needed advice and a “hand”, to ‘help them on their way’, in their careers and their lives. He never “advertised” his generosity . . . and few people really knew this side of him - - - except those who came to him for “help” !

Thank you to the Church, for contacting me about this magnificent Masterpiece 

      Regards Elfrida . . .

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