Letter to ‘Collectors’ - - - September ‘10

Letter 03
Sept 2010

Dear Friends

I noticed that I have not mentioned the importance of Nicola’s

‘Ultimate Muse’ - - - !

Jenny . . .

A busy, inquisitive, sensitive, ‘small person’, who brought a new dimension to Nicola’s work - - - and, of course, our lives.

She is a Dreamer . . . Her incredible imagination matching her father’s!

I have many “favourite” paintings, with Jenny as the Muse, so it is difficult to select ONE!

From infant to young woman she appears in so many of Nicola’s paintings.
It is always the one I am looking at, that becomes ‘my favourite’ !!

“La Plage” - Simbari
“La Plage” acrylic on canvas ©Nicola Simbari

So many memories! - - - of laughter and adventures . . .

I hope that you will enjoy these new “pages” from Nicola’s Diaries - - -


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