Welcome to the first Simbari Diaries Newsletter

Letter 01
May 2010

Dear (collector)

I have been continuing my work on the Web-page dedicated to Nicola’s [SIMBARI] art
and to the exciting times that we had together !

Never dull, often hectic, but
always inspiring - - -

Nicola saw the ‘world’ in vibrant colour and
his famous “Simbari Blue” has become his ‘signature’ over the years - - -
“Dans Le Jardin”
oil on canvas
"Dans Le Jardin" - Simbari

Simbari Diaries has exceeded all my expectations . . . 

I hope that you will find this Site (www.simbari.co.uk) a unique source for information on this charismatic man and artist, and his works.

We’ve put together some fantastic new pages which really highlight the vibrancy and colours of Nicola’s work

Fast Cars
Nudes L'Atelier
Some of our
new pages !

As always I would welcome any comments and/or correspondence with you . . . 
and to find out about “my children” . . . ( where are they now ? ) 

I am planning to visit Nicola, in May; he has been ‘laid low’ with a debilitating illness, and sadly, has not been “at his easel” for quite some time.

Thank you for your letters and ‘feed-back’

Best wishes     Elfrida     (Simbari)